We have had the opportunity to work with academic and administrative leaders as well as presidents and provosts. The learning experiences have been outstanding because almost every participant was curious about learning about leadership, not pontificating about it.
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Published Articles (PDF):

Presidential TransitionsThe Skills Higher-Ed Leaders Need to Succeed (Mrig & Sanaghan),
Academic Impressions, 2017

Presidential Transitions7 Powerful Practices Presidents Use to Increase Their Creativity (Sanaghan),
Academic Impressions, 2017

Presidential Transitions10 Mistakes New Presidents Often Make (Sanaghan & Gaval),
Academic Impressions, 2016

Presidential TransitionsPresidential Dialogues (Mrig & Sanaghan),
Academic Impressions, 2015

Presidential TransitionsPreventing Leadership Derailment (Sanaghan & Lohndorf),
Academic Impressions, 2015

Presidential TransitionsThe Seduction of the Leader: The Superintendant's Dilemma (Sanaghan),
American Association of School Administrators, July 2011

Presidential TransitionsDeveloping Leaders In Higher Education,
AI Higher Ed Impact: Monthly Diagnostic, June 2011

Presidential TransitionsAdvice For Superintendents: A Consultant's Perspective (Sanaghan),
American Association of School Administrators, January 2011

Presidential TransitionsPresidential Transitions: Exit Stage Right (Sanaghan),
Career Paths, Fall 2005

Presidential TransitionsMake Tomorrow's Meeting Much More Effective
(by Patrick Sanaghan with Rod Napier), NACUBO Business Officer, December 2001

Presidential TransitionsAchieving True Consensus
(by Rod Napier with Patrick Sanaghan), NACUBO Business Officer, February 2002

Presidential TransitionsA Learning Agenda for Chief Business Officers (by Patrick Sanaghan, Larry Goldstein and Susan Jurow), NACUBO Business Officer, May 2001

Presidential TransitionsMore Hearts and Minds, (Sanaghan),
Business Officer Magazine

Presidential TransitionsNew Superintendant E-Journal (Sanaghan),
American Association of School Administrators, January 2008

Metamorphosis article linkMetamorphosis - Creating the Capacity for Change (Napier and Sanaghan)
Business Officer Magazine, 1998

Link for the Changing Nature articleThe Changing Nature of Leadership (Napier and Sanaghan)
Business Officer Magazine, 1999

It's Lone At The Top ArticleIt's Lonely at the Top,
Business Officer, July 1998 (Co-author)

Deep Lessons ArticleDeep Lessons About Change in Higher Education (Sanaghan and Napier)
Business Officer Magazine, 2000

Make Tomorrow's Meeting ArticleMake Tomorrow's Meeting Much More Effective (Sanaghan, Napier)
Business Officer Magazine, 2001

Achieving True ConsensusAchieving True Consensus (Napier, Sanaghan)
Business Officer Magazine, 2002

Navigating a Leadership TransitionNavigating a Leadership Transition (Goldstein & Sanaghan)
NACUBO website article, June 2004

Future TimelineFuture Timeline: An Exercise in Horizon Thinking (Goldstein & Sanaghan)
Business Officer Magazine, 2003

Using A Trasition MapUsing a Transition Map to Navigage a New Presidency, The Presidency, (Sanaghan, Goldstein, Jurow & Rashford), Winter 2005

In The InterimIn the Interim, The Chronicle of Higher Education, (Goldstein & Sanaghan),
August 2007

Changing PresidentsChanging Presidents, The Chronicle of Higher Education,
(Sanaghan & Goldstein), April 2008

Changing PresidentsCreating a Transition Map: 7 Powerful Strategies,
ASAE Journal, (Sanaghan & Lytle) January 2007


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