Leadership Development

Leadership can be a daunting, risky and exciting experience - sometimes all in the same day. The Sanaghan Group provides support and services in several areas:

Leadership Development Courses:

We provide two types of leadership courses:
1) One targeted for a senior management team and;
2) A leadership development course which involves a diverse slice of leaders throughout the organization. Both programs are researched based and experiential learning experiences.

1. In the first approach we meet with a senior management team for an initial, two day retreat. We focus on leadership style, group dynamics, decision making and meeting management. We utilize a data-based approach to measure progress over time. We use specific tools and instruments to baseline current effectiveness and establish goals.

2. In the second approach we create a leadership development course for a group of leaders throughout the organization. We create a "cohort" of up to twenty-four (24) individuals and design a 9-12 day course delivered over a period of one year.

We work closely with the client to "design" the leadership course that fits their unique culture, goals and values. In client evaluations of the teachers and facilitators of the kind of course, our consultants are highly rated and are able to model effective and powerful leadership skills.

360° Feedback Process:

For a leader to be effective they must deeply understand how the people they lead perceive them. Without this knowledge, you are blind. Too many leaders have a big gap between their intention and their impact.

Over the years we have witnessed the "seduction of the leader" syndrome. This phenomenon occurs as leaders climb up their career ladders, become older, wiser and more powerful. Unfortunately, at this stage, they have less access to the information they need to grow and change simply because their people will not tell them, even when they ask.

Our culture does not support people "speaking truth to power".

The challenge then is to create a feedback process for leaders that has integrity and useful information. We can create a 360° Feedback Process that will solicit anonymous feedback from 20-25 diverse stakeholders in an organization. It will provide honest information on a leader's strengths and areas of needed development.

Leadership Transitions:

When a senior leader enters or leaves an organization, history is being made. It is a unique and fragile time in the organization. Unfortunately, many leadership transitions go wrong.

Too often, a new leader enters an organization and a "cultural mismatch" occurs where the stakeholders and the leader never connect with each other. The negative impact of this mismatch can last for years.

Likewise, if a leader transitions out of the organization in a hurried and unplanned way, the organization can suffer.

How do you create a thoughtful transition process that supports both the leader and the organization as they manage the changes that occur? What can an organization do to ensure the successful transition of a CEO? President? Provost? Superintendent? We can help you to:

  • Prepare the organization for the transition of a new leader
  • Prepare the new leader for the complexities and challenges of their transition
  • Create a planful transition process for an outgoing leader so that the organization can celebrate the achievements and legacy of the departing leader