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How Higher-Ed Leaders Derail: A Survival Guide for LeadersHow Higher-Ed Leaders Derail: A Survival Guide for Leaders
Patrick Sanaghan
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In higher-ed, there is a widely-held myth that the smartest person in the room should lead. We take for granted that someone who is smart can lead, and when we don't take steps to prepare or develop our people for leadership positions, leaders are more likely to derail.This is a problem, because college and university leaders at all levels increasingly face complex challenges without easy solutions. They are navigating unknown territory.

Collaborative Leadership in Action: A Field Guide for Creating Meetings That Make a DifferenceCollaborative Leadership in Action: A Field Guide for Creating Meetings That Make a Difference
Patrick Sanaghan - Paulette A. Gabriel
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The heart of the book is a collection of collaborative meeting designs to help you work through the myriad of details involved in organizing meetings that achieve your desired outcome. Each collaborative meeting design is graphically illustrated and includes level of difficulty, time required, materials and space needs, number of participants and specific facilitation instructions.

Creating the Exceptional Team: A Practitioner's GuideCreating the Exceptional Team: A Practitioner's Guide
Patrick Sanaghan - Kimberly Eberbach
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Teams that are "pretty good" don't cut it in today's world. You need an exceptional team to handle the complex, highly ambiguous, and often daunting challenges facing organizations now. This practitioner's guide is packed with processes, designs, tools, and models, a diagnostic instrument and good old fashioned advice from two leadership experts.

Collaborative Strategic Planning in Higher EducationCollaborative Strategic Planning in Higher Education
Patrick Sanaghan - 2009 NACUBO
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In his work with more than 100 higher education institutions over the last 25 years, education consultant Patrick Sanaghan has observed that even the most well-crafted and detailed strategic plans often fail simply because internal stakeholders often are not involved in the process and feel no connection to the outcome. Sanaghan's five-phase Collaborative Strategic Planning process (CSP) tackles this challenge and guides higher education leaders on involving stakeholders in the process from concept to implementation.

High Impact Tools & Activities for Strategic PlanningHigh Impact Tools & Activities for Strategic Planning
Rodney Napier, Clint Sidle, Patrick Sanaghan - 1997 - Business & Economics - 424 pages
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Intentional Design and the Process of ChangeIntentional Design and the Process of ChangeIntentional Design and the Process of Change
(Sanaghan and Napier) Follett Publishing, 2002
Intentional Design and the [Paperback]
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The Highly Effective Meeting ProfileThe Highly Effective Meeting Profile
(Sanaghan, Goldstein and Conway) HRD Press, 2003
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Stop wasting time on unfocused and unproductive meetings! A Common Sense Survey for Assessing the Meeting Effectiveness of Intact and Ongoing Groups. How effective are your meetings? Do people come well-prepared? Is there an agenda? Does everyone participate? Are participants open to the ideas of others? Do you spend most of your time on the most important things?

The Change Management Readinesss SurveyThe Change Management Readinesss Survey
(Sanaghan, Goldstein and Roy) HRD Press, 2005
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How can you ensure that the major organizational change you are planning to your structure, strategy, operations, production, or culture will be successful?

Presidential TransitionsPresidential Transitions,
ACE/Praeger, 2007 (Co-author)
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A presidential transition has a major impact on the life of an institution. Hundreds of presidential transitions take place annually, and when they are not amicable and carefully orchestrated, they can scar both the institution and the president. Sanaghan, Goldstein, and Gaval estimate that more than one-third of the presidential transitions in higher education are involuntary and have a negative effect on the institution.

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