"Dr. Sanaghan is the best consultant I have worked with. I have utilized his five phase Collaborative Planning Process on three different campuses."

Dr. Peter Cimbolic, Ohio Dominica University

"As a former superintendent and principal in challenging urban school districts, I have often had the need to work with employees, parents and community organizations in developing strategic plans, responding to crises and taking advantage of emergent opportunities. I also believe that developing the leadership capacity of those in a school or school system is the best single investment available for improving organizational performance.

When I've needed help in desiging or conducting interventions to achieve these ends, I have consistently called on Pat Sanaghan to be lead consultant. Pat has many attributes but the ones that have mattered the most for me have been his unfailing humility, his caring for others and his sense of humor. When he enters a consultancy, his intent is to work in the service of others while helping participants recognize the "gifts" they bring to the organization and pooling those gifts in the service of the work to be done. His ego never gets in the way of the needs or work of the group. He is always teaching and sharing; the techniques and strategies he uses are ones he willingly shares with others. Whatever successes I have had are due in many respects to Pat's help."

Dr. James "Torch" Lytle, former Superintendent, Trenton School District

"I have utilized Pat Sanaghan's wise counsel for over a decade. He has helped me build a unique organization in a very competitive market. I trust him implicitly and am grateful for his support through the years."

Roger Low, Principal the Parallax Hedge Fund

"I have worked with Pat Sanaghan since 1992. I first met him when I was the commissioner of The Department of Recreation in Philadelphia, Pa. He helped us design and execute a leadership development program for all the leaders throughout my department. Over 100 leaders participated in this training and the results were exceptional.

In my current role as the Secretary for The Department of Conservation & Natural Resources, Pat and his organization have once again designed and facilitated an excellent leadership development program for my top 125 leaders throughout the state. He has also helped us plan and execute a statewide planning process, as well as facilitating high profile meetings with internal and external stakeholders. He is excellent at what he does, both his competence and character are stellar."

Michael DiBerardinis, Pennsylvania Cabinet Secretary for the Department of Conservation & Natural Resources

"I have worked with The Sanaghan Group for many years. They have helped me do strategic thinking and planning in several organizations in which I have worked. Pat Sanaghan is the best consultant I have ever worked with. He is smart, ethical and, most importantly. . . he listens well."

Tom Nicoletto, Vice President, DS Containers